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Thread: Have you ever met someone from Habbo in real life?

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    2 people

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    yeahh!!! i met @jxystreet in singapore and malaysia twice ) Hopefully ill be able to visit her in melb soon ;')
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    no sadly

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    Years back I met two people who lived nearby through a Habbo Retro and ended up attending school with one of them later on for a brief period of time.

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    Nope, well, kinda. Funny story me and lauren.p25 met eachother in Ed's Diner accidentally. I saw a girl scrolling through Habbo twitter and decided to tweet about it. Minutes later she dmed me asking what she was wearing... I described Lauren. She loves her banana thick shakes.
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    Yes, I have =D
    Met him in 2008/2009 on Habbo. And from then we still have kept in touch xD
    (He lives like 3 blocks away from me too :P)

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