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Thread: Do you find the management+ approachable?

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    Default Do you find the management+ approachable?

    Do you find the management, admins, senior admins, and ownership approachable?
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    no i shake in me boots when they pop up 2 me
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    Unless I think they're gonna yell at me, yes.

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    Most yes, some not so much

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    Yes. They are lovely

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    only lovely staff is @Abi

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    meh, they 'aight
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    As I don't have a good reputation with all of them I can be really scared to talk to them

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    Most no. I find myself having to go to the same as most are intimidating and speak to you like you're stupid.

    edit: more patronising than anything
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    A very very very select few i find are approachable.

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