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Thread: It's New Years Eve...

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    Default It's New Years Eve...

    Well it's that time of year again, it's New Years Eve. The one evening where everyone comes to celebrate the year ending out and to celebrate the new year in, and for us at CraveHabbo this is no excuse for us, we're going to be partying too!

    It's close now and we're officially into New Years Eve and everyone around the country is going to be celebrating this, and we're not missing out either on one of the biggest nights of the year! If your having a house party, or just generally getting together then CraveHabbo is the place to stream the smash hits this evening! Not only do we guarantee to have everyone up on their feet at yours, we guarantee an amazing party filled night to bring in the new year!

    Our party kicks off from 7PM GMT where we will be playing all the latest smash hits and taking you back a few years too with some dance floor fillers to bring the night in with style. As this is a special night and we understand people will be listening to this, we promise not to play any jingles or talk about anything that mentions Habbo, that's not what we want to achieve, we want you to have a good night so all you will hear from our radio is music, plain music!

    The show will conclude at midnight with the typical Old Lang Syne at midnight in the United Kingdom, thus moving on to some more party and dance floor fillers, and some of the biggest remix's of this year! Moving onto the international new year, we're going to be broadcasting as well from 8PM EST/1AM GMT. We will be doing the same for you as well, no habbo stuff just music and stuff to get you in the mood! The show will conclude at 12AM EST/5AM GMT with the typical Old Lang Syne and for the international users New York, New York!

    The party does not stop there however, we're going to be broadcasting right until the early hours with our exclusive party! We're going to be live playing non-stop music to fill your rooms till 3AM EST/8AM GMT! We promise great music, a great atmosphere and lastly a great party!

    If your not going to be joining us for our special broadcast, then we wish you a very safe and enjoyable evening. Please remember to drink respon.. oh stuff it! Have a fantastic New Years eve and we hope to see you in 2018 where some big changes are planned, are you ready?!

    Our Promise:
    While we needed 11+ hours of non stop remix and party tunes, something we promise you is that you will never hear a repeat of any song! This is a promise and we guarantee to keep you partying all night, no repeats at all, simply Crave!

    CraveHabbo Staffing Teams,
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